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Posted on: December 1, 2021

Texting program simplifies customer communication with Woodco Machinery’s parts and service departments

Recently, Woodco Machinery rolled out its texting program, which allows customers to directly text Woodco’s parts department (888-345-1375) and service department (888-345-1380). The program is an alternative to emailing or calling the local branch.

“We felt the need to add a texting service for our customers because we’re always looking for ways to improve communication between the dealership and the customer,” stated Parts Manager Steven Bodtmann. “It allows our customers to text directly into us as if they were making a general phone call. It also gives our customers the ability to share pictures and documents with us.”

“Most people glance at their phone for text messages more often than they check their emails or voicemails,” added Service Admin Sarah Yergeau. “Texting can be a faster and easier way for customers to communicate with us. We’re able to streamline service without interrupting their day.”

When customers text with Woodco, the messages are kept in the database for future communication. This can be helpful if someone at Woodco is out of the office; the previous messages will be there, so employees do not need to repeat communications with the customer.

“Everybody in the department has access to the conversation thread with a customer,” noted Bodtmann. “That allows anybody working with our customers to more efficiently service them and keep everybody on the same page.”

The program is intended to supplement other forms of communication, such as emails and phone calls.

“Having multiple routes of communication is always a benefit,” stated Yergeau. “Instead of calling a customer and explaining something over the phone, we can more clearly break the information down through a text, include any relevant images and documentation, and do so without interrupting the customer. Overall, texting is an easy, fast and efficient way for Woodco and our customers to communicate, and we look forward to continuing to find new ways to improve our service.”

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