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Posted on: February 15, 2022

Callahan & Montalto Site Construction LLC focuses on building partnerships and offering turnkey solutions for its customers

Timothy Montalto’s family has been in the construction business since the 1940s. He grew up working for his family’s company and learned a variety of trades in the construction industry. “As a kid, I spent more time on job sites than I did playing kickball or riding a bike,” Montalto recalled. “It was work, but I enjoyed it.” 

In 1998, Montalto used his passion and skill set to found Callahan & Montalto Site Construction LLC,  which is named after his grandparents. “I was always very close to them,” he explained. “Callahan is my grandmother’s maiden name, and Montalto is my grandfather’s. They were hard workers and inspired me to pursue this career. I dedicated the company name to them so that I can see their name every day when I come to work. My grandfather always put my grandmother first, so that’s why it starts with Callahan.

“When I went out on my own, it was only me, a backhoe and one employee,” Montalto added. “We started out taking on whatever projects came our way. Steadily, we built a strong customer base that allowed us to grow and take on larger projects.”

Today, the company has 27 employees. It works with a wide range of residential and commercial partners throughout Central Massachusetts and is based in Holden.

“We’ve taken on just about anything that has to do with construction,” stated Montalto. “Our customers turn to us for projects because we’re focused on doing the best job possible without cutting corners. Our employees are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.”

Project capacity

Currently, the firm has eight active projects. It typically completes $4 million to $5 million of work annually. The types of projects depend on the season and the firm’s workload.

“We’re able to take on every aspect of a project but have also built relationships with other contractors to complete work more efficiently,” said Montalto. “In the past, we’ve completed projects as the general contractor where we do the foundation, building, everything. On other projects, we might only install the utilities. We’re very flexible about the jobs we take on and who we will partner with based on our workload.”

Recently, the firm began working on a commercial project for a pharmaceutical company. “We’re providing a turnkey job site solution that will support a new $90 million lab for a subcontractor of Pfizer,” revealed Montalto. “The total site is roughly 6 acres, and we’re completing all of the site work and site finishes for the job. That consists of blasting and hammering over 10,000 yards of ledge, digging and prepping for foundation footings, installing the utilities, building two retaining walls, then paving and adding the site finishes.

“The rock was a big challenge on this job site,” continued Montalto. “As we’re digging for utilities, it’s hard to guess where the rocks are located. We’ve pre-blasted a lot of stuff, but you really don’t know where the rock is until you dig it up. We have experience taking on this type of work and haven’t let it slow us down.”

Long partnership with Woodco Machinery

To stay on schedule, Callahan & Montalto Site Construction relies on its fleet of Volvo equipment. That includes EC300E, ECR305C, EC140E, ECR58 and ECR40D excavators; as well as L110H and L90H wheel loaders.

“The versatility of the Volvo equipment helps us stay on schedule,” noted Montalto. “It’s been very reliable for us. The machines are user-friendly and comfortable for operators. Really what makes a difference is Woodco Machinery. Over the last 20 years, we’ve established a strong relationship with Woodco. They do a great job of servicing our equipment and limiting any downtime. If we need to swap out a piece of equipment, which doesn’t happen very often, they loan us a replacement machine to keep us on schedule.”

Montalto established a relationship with Woodco Machinery General Manager Dan Rott early in his career. Today, Montalto works closely with sales representative Matt Rainha.

“Matt is great about answering his phone whenever I call,” stated Montalto. “The support we receive from Woodco makes me feel comfortable purchasing new equipment. In construction, something is always bound to come up. Woodco provides us the support to know that when something does go wrong, they will be there to take care of it and keep us going.”

Like father, like daughter

Montalto’s passion for the construction industry was passed down to his daughter, Abby, who runs her own company called Buy The Yard. The business sells sand, gravel, mulch, decorative stones and other construction products.

“Abby grew up going to job sites with me and always wanted to run the equipment,” recalled Montalto. “Like me, she’s always had her hand in some part of the business. Although she’s running her own company, we still work closely together. Once I’m ready to retire, she will take over and continue to grow the business.”

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